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Don’t change to fit in •Live FM presenter MzDru advises the youth


UK-born Ghanaian media entrepreneur, MzDru, has advised the youth to be content with themselves and not to change to fit in where they cannot be.

According to the radio/TV host, the youth of today should not be influenced or try to change who they are to be accepted, fit in  or to please people; rather they should be themselves and appreciate who they are.

MzDru made this call on her radio show ‘Live Breakfast Club (LBC)’ aired on ‘Live919FM’, while celebrating her birthday last  Friday.

“You should always be who you are, be yourself, and don’t change anything about yourself to fit in or be accepted. You should please yourself first and not them.

“Be you no matter what. MzDru is 100% herself and not ready to be influenced or be in any trend to please anyone. It’s nice to be liked, but bending over backward 24/7 to try to please others is definitely no way to live.”

She added that, “Making actions or changing yourself based on pleasing people can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and doubt, and can even cause you serious harm.”

MzDru, whose tagline is ‘Your Hostess with the Mostess’, explained that, “It is good to be inspired by other people’s personalities and their success but don’t aspire to be like them. Success is for everyone, you only need God’s guidance and hard work to get you up there.”

“There are friends that will push you outside of your comfort zone, and that’s okay- good, even. But acting solely on the desire to make someone like you, without clear-sighted consideration of your actions, is not the same thing as a healthy venture outside of your comfort zone, and it can give you trouble in the long run. Most of all, you won’t feel like yourself anymore,” she said.

On the radio, she added, “When it comes to matters of yourself, it’s not selfish or egotistical to put your own opinions first.  You are allowed to like yourself even if it seems like nobody else does, and you never have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.  The opinions and judgments of other people come second. In the very end, the one person that you have to spend the most time with is yourself, so make sure that you love who you are.”

About MzDru

Mz Dru Born Drusilla Lartey is of Ghanaian and Jamaican descent.

She was born in London but raised in North West London. Coming from an area in London with so many different reviews, Mz Dru decided to push through the stereotypes and chase her dreams of becoming a radio/ TV presenter and voice-over artist in the hope that her story would be able to one day inspire and empower young girls like her to never give up on their own dreams but continue to stay true to themselves.

Mz Dru’s mission is to empower people through her work and demonstrate that creativity is still a requirement for success, and she’s only just getting started

Mz Dru has been studying media for over seven years and after receiving her Bachelor’s honors in Media Communications at DE Montfort University, she decided to make sure the world knew her name. She started interning at a radio station called Bang Radio and after a few weeks of them hearing her unique voice and learning of her bubbly personality, she was given her first drive time slot as a co-host.

Mz Dru has been presenting on the radio for five years,  starting at Bang Radio, now known as the Beat London, and moved to Pulse88. Alongside radio, she has hosted numerous  live events.

They include beauty pageants like Miss Ghana and Miss Pride of Africa, awards shows like Ghana Music awards and Black Women in Business awards.

She is the resident host for ‘Soulful Café’ and has done a lot of red carpet events as well as baby showers, weddings, music events, and discussion panels.

In 2018, after the passing of her father, her best  friend and biggest fan, Mz Dru made it her mission to make sure that this sad situation turned into a positive thing and has made it a point to do him proud in everything she does.

The year 2018, to say the least, has been a big turning point year in Mz Dru’s career as ‘the hostess with the mostess’ has hosted some big stages. She co- hosted the biggest afro hair and beauty show in London,


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