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• Nana Adjei Ntow, Spokesperson of the Santeo residents

Santeo residents to sue TDC

RESIDENTS OF Santeo, which is within the Kpone-Katamanso Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, are up in arms against the Tema Development Cooperation (TDC) over the alleged illegal takeover and encroachment on lands earmarked for schools, hospitals and a cemetery.

The angry residents, who held banners amidst singing and drumming while protesting along the areas where the lands were being encroached upon, directed their anger at the Managing Director of the TDC, Madam Alice William Kousoh, and a Chinese company developing the lands.

•Residents demonstrating against TDC at Santeo

Nana Adjei Ntow, the Spokesperson for the residents, told journalists the TDC had sold their lands meant for a school, a park and a cemetery to an investor, and that they would not allow the development to happen.

According to him, they are going to take a legal action at the High Court against the TDC and the said Chinese company which bought the land.

“They have ejected us. We are calling for justice. We will sue TDC and the Chinese people who are developing the project. When we saw that people are developing our lands, the leadership  and the chief here peacefully approached them but they TDC used force and intimidation and we feel threatened,” Mr Ntow noted.

Security intimidation

He expressed grave concern over the manner in which the TDC had deployed both the police and soldiers to the area to guard the workers developing on the land.

According to him, even though they have reported the matter to the various security authorities, nothing has since been done. He said for the past six months they had been living in fear and intimation.

He alleged further that people’s houses were demolished without any discussion with them.

Mr Ntow explained further that such an illegal activity was becoming unbecoming and that the time had come for them to stand up for their rights.

It is said the house owners are also alleging that the developer is using the police and the soldier to guard the land.

• The disputed land being developed

They are therefore calling on the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the First Lady, a native of the Dangme community, to come to their aid and prevent TDC and its staff from selling the over 50 acres of lands meant for development projects.

“These are lands meant to expand our school. This is the only school we have here and it was even built by us. Now, the land reserved to expand it and also to build a hospital as agreed upon by all has now been taken over,” the residents complained.


Poor roads

The assembly member of Santeo, Mr Samuel Abbey, expressed worry about the poor road network in the area. He called on the government and the road minister to ensure that their poor roads had been constructed before politicians could come there to campaign.

It was his case that the water situation in the area was poor and called on the government to come to their aid.

Efforts to reach authorities at TDC to response to the concerns of the residents were unsuccessful as of the time of going to press.

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