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How are manicurists adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols?

MAINTAINING GOOD personal hygiene such as keeping finger and toe nails clean has become imperative as the coronavirus bites harder across the world.

For many people, getting their nails trimmed, clean and beautiful is a big deal and that can only be done by manicurists.

But how does one ensure that one enjoys the services of manicurists without putting one’s life at risk?

GHOne TV’s Reporter, Sedina Francisca Arhin recently explored the business of manicurists amidst the COVID -19 pandemic.

According to her, after the easing of restrictions amidst the coronavirus pandemic, some Ghanaians, who during the lockdown lamented the bad state of their nails and even tried to get home services despite the risks, are rushing to salons to regain their style.

She said salons and barbershops are social pillars in the country and that the services of manicurists are rendered in several locations and forms such as in shipping containers converted to parlours, in salons and also rendered by roaming manicurists carrying their tools around to serve people anywhere.

A woman who only identified herself as Ayorkor, owner of two salons which render nail treatment services, said she had to close both shops immediately after the outbreak of the coronavirus in Ghana, and was overwhelmed with inquiries about her reopening.

For Ayorkor, the easing of restrictions came at a better time and has since been ensuring adherence to all safety protocols, including frequent cleaning of surfaces, and requiring clients to wear face masks, washing of hands with soap under running water and the frequent use of alcohol-based sanitizer.

Despite all the measures put in place, her usual 15 to 20 clients a day have now reduced to between five and seven and even at times, no work done at all in a day.


Unlike Ayorkor who is stationed at one place and has put in place, measures to ensure safety, the work of roaming manicurists is different.

Issa and Adamu continuously hit their metal tools together calling for clients.

Being in business for four and five years respectively, “they tell me this year has been the worse for their businesses. They tell me they previously catered for not less than 20 persons a day, but that has reduced to between seven and 10.


However for these roaming manicurists, adherence to safety protocols is either non-applicable or not properly observed.

“The roaming manicurists spotted by our cameraman had empty sanitiser containers, hence had to fall on customers’ sanitisers before rendering their services,” Francisca reports.

While some had no face masks on, those with nose masks were not properly wearing them. Although the desire for nail treatment was understandable, there was still a risk of local transmission of Covid-19, especially given the impossibility of maintaining social distancing.


However, with the government indicating a lower risk now, many stakeholders believe it was unfair to blame businesses for wanting to reopen.

Source: Ghana/ Francisca Dickson Arhin

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