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Parliament can’t cure cronyism, nepotism in Agyapa deal – Minority to Akufo-Addo

Minority leader Haruna Iddrisu has said that parliament cannot cure the defects in the controversial Agyapa Mineral royalties deal.

The deal which was earlier approved by parliament received heavy backlash from the minority, who demanded it is scrapped.

Meanwhile, President Akufo-Addo on Monday, November 2, directed Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta to take the deal back to Parliament following the corruption risk assessment by Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu.

The deal, according to the OSP, contains some loose ends. But the minority leader believes these loose ends can’t be cured by parliament.

His comments are in line with that of the NDC flagbearer Mr Mahama who called for the total scraping of the deal and dismissal of the finance minister.

Speaking to the media today, he said “just ten of the mineral mining companies make significant contributions to our total revenue. Parliament cannot remedy the defects, so identified by the special prosecutor.”

He quizzed “how is parliament going to cure nepotism and cronyism. How is parliament going to cure that you painted a chief executive without due process? How is parliament going to cure that you passed a resolution on a non-existing law? You don’t build a house on nothing, it was built on nothing. How is parliament going to cure that a motion is moved, and the motion is amended at the very time it was to be adopted to make room to wait for a president to ascent to a bill so passed by parliament?”

“We feel strongly vindicated, the truth must always stand with the political minority at all times.”

He added that “Ghanaians will now understand why momentarily I lost my cool and temperament. For an important national matter for this character and nature, you find a minister of state trivialize it with ‘papa no’ at that time, not concerned about the weight and magnitude of this particular transaction.”

“You want to take gold revenue for the next 10-15 years What does that mean to the state, what does it mean to chiefs and people who earn a portion of the mineral development fund. Government ministers were joking and reduced that transaction to a trip fall.”

He further mentioned that the minority is not likely to change its position.

“But we don’t support it today, we don’t support it tomorrow, we don’t support it into the future. Parliament cannot correct any of the defined defects.”

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