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NDC uncovers over 1M extra ballot papers – At print house despite destruction of printing plate

THE NATIONAL Democratic Congress’ (NDC) party agent posted to observe the printing of ballot papers at Innolink, one of the printing houses contracted to print ballot papers for the December 7 general election, has alleged the discovery of over one million extra ballot papers at the premises of the company.

This, according to him, was after the final destruction of plates used for the printing and all papers had been duly accounted for.

Per the agreed practice, the destruction of the plates used in printing the ballot papers was the final stage of destroying any unwanted material but this time around, an extra one million ballots were seen at the printing house concealed in a pellet days after the final destruction.

This raised the suspicion of the NDC agent, Mr Noah DumenyaAgbeko, who questioned what the extra ballot papers were doing in the print house days after the final destruction.

Mr Agbeko said management of the print house failed to provide cogent answers to questions with each chain of management giving contradicting answers.

Speaking to the DAILY HERITAGE last Friday, November 27, 2020, the NDC agent said Innolink was contracted to print ballot papers for three regions: Upper West, Western North and Ashanti.

He said Ashanti was the last region to be tackled and the printing was done in stages:  printing, providing numbers, binding, barging and finally transporting.

“In this case, all the stages were exhausted and the final plates destroyed but we were called back that one of the constituencies was having a problem and so we needed to reprint.

“We went back to observe the process again and it was there that we detected  there was a rap of pellets containing ballots for only Presidential voting concealed, translating into over one million votes,” Mr Agbeko stated.

He added that  “we first asked the one in charge of bindery who said they were unwanted materials and that they would surely be burnt. Another manager said it was a new business culture for them to rap new contracts concealing it from other client while the third manager also said they were unwanted material which would be burnt.”

Mr Agbeko said the  inconsistency in the replies  raised suspicion and “we called for those extra ballots to be destroyed.”

The extra one million ballots were burnt at the Agbobloshie destruction site, supervised by officials of the Criminal Investigation Department, Bureau of National Investigations, Innolink and an agent of the NDC.

All attempts to speak to officials of the Electoral Commission proved futile since there was no officer to respond to the allegation by the NDC. There was also  no representative from the ruling New Patriotic Party to comment on the issue.

The Production Manager for Innolink, Mr Bentill Tettey who earlier declined to speak to the media, later said the burnt material and were not up to 300 ballots. He said he didn’t  know why the NDC man was making  allegations.


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