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The deteriorating tomb supported with blocks
The deteriorating tomb supported with blocks

Atta Mills’s tomb rots: And Koku Anyidoho blames NDC for neglecting Asomdwe Park

Muntalla Inusah |

THE NEW managers and security agencies manning the Asomdwe Park, the site of the tomb of the late President, Prof. John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills have threatened to deal with journalists and the general public who dare visit the area to take pictures.

The new managers, who are New Patriotic Party (NPP) faithful, said barely a month after taking over the management of the tomb from the outgone National Democratic Congress (NDC) they are being blamed for the poor management of the place.

A Warrant Officer who manages the tomb was not ready to grant media interview and warned journalists not to take pictures of the place unless they have permission from the National Security apparatus.

The late Prof John Evans Atta Mills
The late Prof John Evans Atta Mills

“You knew where you were supposed to go before you came here. Listen to me, if you want to come here, go through the appropriate channel and seek permission before you come here. We are here as security people and you cannot come here and take pictures and go without our knowledge.

“Go to the National Security Office and ask permission. Next time if we catch anybody here, it will not be good news.  If we get somebody, I am warning you,” the WO warned journalists.


Another manager stated that “in fact our leaders have told us that if anybody comes here, we should tell the person to come to the Blue Gate for their permission. I mean, the National Security Zone.

“Colonel is our boss. We just took over from the NDC people here. We are NPP people who have just taken over this place barely a month now,” one of the managers of the place said.

“Just a few days that we have taken over, the radio stations are blaming us that we have left everything to go bad and because of that our Colonel was not happy with me because he said I shouldn’t have allowed those who came here to take pictures, but look at how bad the place has become.”

Repair works begin

When the DAILY HERITAGE got to the Asomdwe Park yesterday, repair works were being done on the tomb. The tomb was indeed in a very bad state, five years after the late Asomdwehene was buried at the Asomdwe Park in Accra.

Many news outlets were awash with disturbing photos that showed the well-crafted metallic cover of the tomb developing grim cracks and thus detaching itself from the rest of the artefact.

Some portions of the tomb are also falling apart, and managers of the park have had to support the tomb with blocks.

NDC blames NDC

The Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Mr Koku Anyidoho, has blamed the erstwhile NDC administration for the poor state of the tomb of the late President.

Commenting on the state of the late President’s tomb on ‘Anopa Kasapa’ on Kasapa 102.5 FM, the former Communications Director at the Presidency under the Mills’s government, said, it was regrettable to see Mills’s tomb deteriorate without the former administration making any effort to preserve it.

“It is the responsibility of the state, whether it is the state under the NDC or the state under NPP, but if the state is going to renege on its responsibilities and duties, then we the Atta Mills Institute, wherever we shall move to, wherever we shall go and look for resources to re-organise Atta Mills Park, we shall do it.

“It’s very sad! Dr Don Arthur, was the architect that produced the original design of the Atta Mills Park and if you see what the Asomdwe Park was supposed to have been in its totality; very wonderful concept. If you remember, at the time that Gbevlo Lartey was the National Security Coordinator, the whole idea was even to turn that big park there into a zoo. So we started bringing in some ostriches, zebras, rabbits and the rest; that was the master plan.

“The master plan for the facility was to make the place like a zoo attached to the Asomdwe Park. The Asomdwe Park was supposed to have a library, a cafeteria, and a few other things. You ask yourself why it wasn’t funded by the state. President Akufo-Addo came in only two months ago, so are you going to blame him?” he asked rhetorically.

“Why didn’t they fund it at the time? There is a saying that ‘you don’t cry over spilt milk’, but some of us couldn’t help it but to shed tears yesterday. We woke up to a very sad Tuesday morning. But like I’m saying the Atta Mills Institute which has just been created, will keep the legacy of Prof. Alive. Because the NDC may have lost an election, but it is important that the legacy of Prof. “Mills continues to fly high, what he stood for, his principles, his philosophy, ideologies, both in the realm of academia, in the realm of thought, and statesmanship. All those things need to come alive again. And that is why some of us have formed the Atta Mills Institute,” he added.

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