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Mr Stephen Kweku Darko
Mr Stephen Kweku Darko on location with the cast at Honolulu in the United States of America

Stephen Darko: Ghanaian film producer making waves in Brazil

By Annette S. Yeboah

GHANAIAN  INDEPENDENT film and TV producer based in Brazil, whose recent TV series ‘Gold Diggers’ attracted millions of viewership on ETV, M-Net and DSTV in South Africa, is seen as the next famous foreigner to come out of Brazil.

Stephen Kweku Darko,  who has also produced feature-length film such as ‘Divine’, ‘Missing In The Jungle’, ‘Ghetto’, ‘Arise, ‘God Knows’ and ‘A Spoon Of Noodle’, which have fetched him investors in South Africa and in United States of America, has already created much excitement in the  South African, Brazilian, Cape Verde and Taiwan media.

Peter Mensah Hollywood actor Godfather to Mr Stephen Kweku Darko
Mr Darko, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Vasco Film Production in South Africa, has worked with celebrities on the continent such as Yvonne Chaka Chaka, otherwise known as Mama Africa, from South Africa, Anita Page, Paulo Porto and Peter Mensah of Spartacus fame and a host of other actors and actresses.

In an interview with the DAILY HERITAGE’s Art and Entertainment on Thursday, Mr Darko said ‘Gold Digger’, which is a series, is part of a larger movement that aims to tell stories of how people use dubious means to become rich.

The 27-year-old was born in Ghana but had his primary education in South Africa and  junior high school education at Flodan International School located at Teshie, a suburb of Accra in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. He continued at Koforidua Secondary Technical School in the Eastern Region, also in Ghana. He afterwards studied pharmacy at Emef Development Centre in Malaysia.

At age 20 he returned to South Africa to study graphic design while working as an independent producer with Rhema TV and later Soweto TV and finally moved to Brazil in 2014 at the age of 24 years.

According to the bachelor producer, producing TV and films is a job he loves, which was why after school he decided to create his own job by establishing a production house.

“I had the ambition to become a movie maker. I began using my phone to take videos and I quickly discovered that film and TV intrigued me and so I did not even grow the interest for practising pharmacy.

“In the beginning it was very frustrating as a producer and director. Some people who are already in the industry told me that I have no money and I have no idea how everything is done in the film industry.

“That did not deter me so I pursued my passion as I wanted to tell them that God works in many ways and if you focus on your talents and your dream, you can do everything,” he said.

Mr Stephen Kweku Darko in the studios of Soweto TV in South Africa

“I lodged at the same hotel as Mr Peter Mensah in Bahamas in 2015. We had a meaningful and fruitful discussion after I introduced myself to him as a young Ghanaian TV and film producer.

“He became very happy because he has not seen anybody from Ghana who is young and into movie making and since that time we have become very close. I see him as my Godfather,” Mr Darko recounted to the DAILY HERITAGE.

Mr Darko is currently on location in Honolulu in the United States of America where he is shooting a Hollywood movie titled ‘Journey of no return’ with his cast.

Mr Darko says he spends most of his time looking into the future.

“There is so much more I want to do and I do not think I have accomplished all that much,” he says.

“Maybe that is a sign that I am too hard on myself and need to slow down a little bit and take stock of the accomplishments. But, I mean, we have got some pretty big projects we are developing at the moment.”

Stephen Darko

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